Piyo Piyo Silicone Glass Bottle 180ml

Model :

RM 114.00
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  • The glass bottle is completely covered with a silicone protective layer to reduce the possibility of broken glass when the bottle is broken.
  • The surface of the silicone rubber is non-slip and easy to grip, and the dust-proof handle is smooth and not sticky.
  • The high-quality temperature-resistant bottle that can be sterillized in boiling water. It will not release toxins when exposed to high temperature or acidic or basic substances.
  • Heat resistance up to 600°C, and can endure sudden temperature change from 200°C.
  • Please rinse with clean water and disinfect by soaking in boiling water for approximately 3 minutes.
  • Do not use a harsh bristle brush to clean this product to avoid scratching.
  • Gently pull the nipple to check nipple elasticity frequently. Replace immediately if nipple appears our of shape, becomes sticky or cracked.
  • Infant must not be bottle fed withour adult supervision. This product is not a toy.
  • Do not drop the bottle drom a high placeand avoid external impact to prevent damaging.
  • A sudden change in temperature is the primary cause of bottle breakage.Do not use in microwave. Overheating may cause the bottle to burst.
  • For storage: Please keep in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Uses: Liquid storage.
  • Avoid sharp objects scratching the silicone protective layer.
  • It's normal when the bottle turn yellowish, due to regularly use and sterellizing.
  • Inspect regularly and replace immediately when the product is deformed, or damaged.
- Bottle: Glass.
- Protective Layer/Nipple: Silicone.
- Cap: P.P.
- Twist: P.P. 

Temperature Resistance:
- Bottle: -20°C~600°C.
- Protective Layer/Nipple: -20°C~120°C.
- Cap: -20°C~100°C.
- Twist: -20°C~120°C.