Nursing Bottle Std Neck Gourd Shaped 150ml PES

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RM 49.00
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  • The PES bottle body light brown color without added coloring material is the original color of the PES material itself, without adding any coloring material, it represents the highest quality color. Does not contain bisphenol A (environmental hormone) that interferes with endocrine.
  • PES is a polyester material widely used in medical equipment. The bottle body is approved by the F.D.A. inspection of the US Food Inspection Agency. 
  • It has excellent heat resistance, heat resistance up to 180 degrees, light texture, easy to break, repeated high temperature boiling, steam sterilization.
- Bottle Body: Polyether Resin (PES).
- Upper Cover/Screw/Gasket/Through Hole Rod: Polypropylene (PP).
- Nipple: Food Grade Silicone (Silicone).

Heat Resistance:
- Bottle Body: -20°C ~ 180°C.
- Upper Cover/Screw/Gasket/Through Hole Rod: -20°C ~ 100°C.
- Nipple: -20°C ~ 120°C.

Size: 150ml.