Piyo Piyo Stainless Steel Cup 220ml

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RM 57.00
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  • The inner layer is SUS304 stainless steel with high temperature resistance: With the outer layer of PP which can avoid cold and hot temperature contact with the hand.
  • It's normal if you see thin marks on the stainless steel, it happended when molding and polishing. It's asafe to use.
  • Do not use in oven and microwave.
  • PP is not recommended use in steam and UV sterilizer.
  • Cleaning method: use wash with water; do not use hard brush to avoid scratching.
  • Print will peel off when use and wash some time.
Material: P.P. & SUS304 Stainless Steel.

Heat Resistance:
- P.P.: -20°C ~ 100°C.
- Stainless Steel: -20°C ~ 120°C.

Size: (D) 7.5cm x (L) 8.1cm.