Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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- Made with SUS304 Stainless Steel. Durable and easy to clean. Can keep both warm and cold.

- BPA free, phathelate free, free from toxins.

- Kids would love the adorable 3D Piyo Piyo Lid.

- Push button lid and pop up straw- Easy access for children.

- Cup option includes a strainer for tea bags, ice cubes and more.

- Interchangeble lid-pop-up straw and cup options.

-Double wall vacuum insulation for maximum hot and cold temperature retention cleaning.

- Small and untra lightweight that would fit most cup holder and is perfect for travel.

- Wide neck to fit ice cubes. 

- Stainless steel body stays condensation-free with cold beverages.

-Straw and mouth piece can be taken apart for easy cleaning.


Heat Retention

-Straw Lid: Average temperature of 40°C after 6 hours

-Bottle Lid: Average temperature of 50°C after 6 hours

Temperature of water tested: 95°C

Temperature of room: 20°C

Cold Retention

-Straw Lid: Average temperature of 7°C after 6 hours

-Bottle Lid: Average temperature of 7°C after 6 hours

Temperature of water tested: 4°C

Temperature of room: 20°C


Material/Resist Temp:

Lid(PP)/Straw, O-Ring(Silicone)/Bottle(SUS304 Stainless Steel)


Strainer,Button on the Lid(PP)




-Please use with parental supervision.

- Immediately discard and replace with a new one if part(s) is crackedm deformed, or damaged.

- Cleaning: Wash thoroughly. Do not use a harsh bristle brush to clean this product to avoid scratching.

- Do not use dishwasherm dish dryerm boiling and steaming.

- Do not use microwave and place in freezer.

- For storage: Please keep in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

- Uses: Liquid storage.

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