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Piyo Piyo Musical Toys

SKU: 830395

Made with eco-friendly internal parts from Japan, this fun Piyo Piyo Musical Toy will entertain your baby for hours on end. Use the convenient Velcro fastener to hang from baby’s stroller, car seat or crib and watch as baby pulls the cord to make soothing music play and Piyo Piyo’s eyes google. The high-quality core of this Piyo Piyo musical toy is made in Japan.

- Japanese Sankyo musical core
- Requires no batteries
- Easy to mount to any rail or handle
- Shaped like our popular Piyo Piyo character
- A sleep aid designed for lulling babies to sleep
- Removable Velcro handle attaches easily to car seat, stroller, or crib
- Duckling eyes oscillate to the sound of Brahms lullaby music

Material Velcro Tape: Nylon
Stylish Piyopiyo/Ring: A.B.S.
Cold/Heat Resistance A.B.S.: -20°C ~ 80°C (-4°F ~ 176°F)