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Negative Ion Steam Sterilizer & Dryer

SKU: 830522


- One touch control panel is simple and easy to operate: sterilizing and dring done at the same time

- 5 function options: sterilization only, 10, 30, 60 minuties drying only, sterilization & drying (Auto)

- High-Performance Sterilization: sterilization can be done within 12-15 minutes (the actual time varies in accordance with the amount of water and temperature). Laboratory tests proved that it can effectively kill escherichia coli and golden staphylococcus bacteria.

- Negative ion releases when drying: keeping the air clean while removing the odor from items.

- Made out of PP material. It does not contain harmful chemical and is BPA FREE.


Package included:

- Transparent Lid

- Accessories Basket

- Bottle Holder

- Middle Container

- Wind Deflector

- Base

- Measuring Cup

- Milk Bottle Tong

- Filter Unit